Seas ‘n’ Greens’ flotillas go above and beyond the call of duty to bring you a genuine experience not offered elsewhere. Our flotillas bring together individuals, friends and families and provide them with everything they need for a memorable experience in some of the most beautiful waters this planet has on offer. With the lead boat under the command of a Seas ‘n’ Greens skipper, the flotilla will take visitors to the best destinations and attractions that will satisfy any travelers thirst for adventure and desire for leisure.

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Something for Everyone

In a Seas ‘n’ Greens flotilla travelers will find themselves aboard one of many vessels of a roving fleet. Our flotillas allow for the perfect combination of private vacationing and group adventure. Travelers and their fellow crew will have total control over their vessel, enjoying the unique freedom provided by the sport of sailing and motor yachting. Once the flotilla arrives at a given day’s destination, we’ll show you the best spot for snorkeling, hiking, dining, relaxing or general adventuring. Join your fellow sailors for drinks or a meal and share tales from the day’s escapades. Whether you enjoy a social atmosphere and some good-natured competition or a slow-swinging hammock and the subtle sounds of the sea, you’ll love flotilla sailing.

More Than a Vacation

With our flotillas we aim to foster a feeling of community both within our fleet and in connection with local people and establishments. Our extensive knowledge and experience will bring you closer to the destinations we visit. Seas ‘n’ Greens patrons will enjoy more than the simple bliss of leaving the day-to-day worries of their lives behind them. Our flotillas are the perfect opportunity for travelers to form friendships abroad and to educate themselves about life and nature in the region they are visiting. We truly believe there is more to travelling than tourism. Connecting with local people and the environment brings a richer experience that cannot be found on the grounds of a fenced-off resort.