How do I travel to Tortola?

Tortola, the largest of the BVI, is where all BVI charters begin and end. One method of travel is to fly in to St. Thomas, in the U.S. Virgin Islands, and then take the high-speed ferry across to Tortola. We use Road Town Fast Ferry for the trip from Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas to Road Town, Tortola. Or sometimes you can get direct flights from Toronto to San Juan, Puerto Rico and then fly over to Beef Island, Tortola. San Juan is an interesting city to visit for a day or two and we can also arrange accommodation at the Moorings base or suggest other hotels on Tortola.

Here are a few airport codes for flights out of Toronto:
YYZ – Toronto to SJU – San Juan, Capital of Puerto Rico, then SJU to EIS – Beef Island, Tortola
YYX – Toronto to SXM – Sint Maarten then SXM to EIS – Beef Island, Tortola
YYZ – Toronto to ANU – Antigua then ANU to EIS – Beef Island, Tortola
YYZ – Toronto  to  STT – St. Thomas, USVI take the Road Town Fast Ferry
** Watch daylight savings time too, we fall back but the Caribbean does not.
Best for stop over on the way south is ATL (Atlanta) or MIA (Miami)
DO NOT fly into a north eastern airport because they are often delayed or shut down due to northeasters!

Regional Caribbean Airlines that fly into EIS – Beef Island

Seabourne Airlines and Silver Airways flies from SJU to EIS
interCaribbean Airways flies from SJU and SXM to EIS
Cape Air flies from SJU to EIS and STT to EIS
LIAT flies from SJU and SXM to EIS

As of June 2023 – American Airlines Miami (MIA) to Beef Island, Tortola (EIS)

Where to stay in Tortola?
The Mariner Yacht Club Hotel, at the Moorings and Sunsail base
(Ask us to book your room for the best rate)
Maria’s by the Sea (downtown Road Town)

Need an overnight in St. Thomas?
Winward Passage (right at the ferry dock)

How much will my trip cost if I book a cabin with Seas ‘n’ Greens?

Typically $3000 USD per person will secure you a cabin (based on 2 persons per cabin), for 8 nights on one of our yachts including provisions for breakfast, lunch and a few dinners on board. Travel to the BVIs and patronage at local establishments is extra. This price is subject to change, dependent on such factors as season, boat type, crew size, special requests and more. We’ll do our best to remain consistent, but some factors are outside our control. Private crewed and bareboat charters are, of course, entirely dependent on what you’re looking for! Even mildly curious? Don’t be afraid to get in touch or request a quote!

How’s the weather?

Blue skies and sunny beaches. Of course, as sailors, we remain dependent on the weather in order travel efficiently and safely. Any itinerary we provide is always subject to weather. Your enjoyment and safety is our prime concern. A lack of wind could make the longer journey’s unrealistic, just as severe weather can make them hazardous. Cases so drastic as to significantly alter our plans are rare, but we cannot control the weather. Certainly we won’t go planning our flotillas in the heart of hurricane season, so don’t you worry about that!

Do I need prior sailing experience?

Each boat requires an experienced skipper, which can be provided for an additional cost should no member of the traveling party be suitable to fulfill such a role. We greatly encourage less experienced members to get involved and assist their skippers; you’ll be surprised how quickly you’ll fall in love with sailing! In fact our trips are a fantastic opportunity to get your toes wet, both literally and figuratively, so don’t sweat it if you don’t know the difference between a halyard or a sheet. Before you know it you’ll be hoisting mainsails and scuttling jibs like a seasoned pro.

I’m worried the sailing could make me nauseous… (Hey, that’s not a question!)

Many of those who are initially sea-sick find that their condition improves after a day or two. Staying above deck and looking off at the horizon while under sail often helps steady some newcomers. The increasingly popular catamaran sailboats are great for more leisurely sailing, as they remain relatively flat on the water – as compared to the classic monohull. While some find it more difficult to adapt than others, mild sea-sickness should not detract from the overall experience, and will pass soon enough.

Do you travel elsewhere than the BVI?

Our signature flotillas travel most frequently to the  BVI. It’s an incredible destination for both new and avid sailors. It’s one of the safest areas to travel to, has something for everyone, and is an area we are very well-connected with. We will soon be offering European river boat cruises and sailing the Greek islands. Such destinations are locations we have frequented before and would love to revisit with you. Private bareboat or crewed charters can be arranged for any number of destinations. Take a look!

While on the boat, will I be able to charge my electronics?

Similarly to cars, the boats are equipped with batteries that charge while the engines are running. Some vessels are even equipped with dedicated power generators to serve this purpose. This will ensure that passengers will have the opportunity to charge their important devices. What’s a sailing cruise without that playlist you prepared anyways? We do hope you won’t be preoccupied with work emails though! Check with your provider for travel packages.

Is the trip family-friendly?

Most definitely. Kids will absolutely love the breathtaking snorkeling, if not the whole trip! Young children should be equipped with a life-jacket while under sail and while swimming, but the trip remains absolutely safe.

Do I need to bring snorkeling equipment or life-jackets for myself or my family?

Life jackets are provided on the chartered yacht.
Fins are on board. Masks and snorkels can be rented from Sail Caribbean Divers on site at the Moorings/Sunsail base.