Crewed Charters

Those lacking the experience necessary to captain their own private charter need not miss out on the sailing and motor yacht charter experience. Crewed charter patrons can sit back and relax, leaving all necessary stresses and responsibilities to a skillful and experienced crew. Traveling the waters of this beautiful planet is a special experience that is not lost to inexperienced sea-farers. The knowledge that accompanies a captain will ensure visitors are treated to the best experience a destination has to offer, and that the trip will be tailored to suit any party’s particular interests or mood.

Stress Free Cruising

A holiday is about leaving the stresses of daily life behind, so why take on added responsibility once you’ve reached your destination? A crewed charter hands the sailing over to the pros, leaving you to stretch out on the deck and enjoy that beverage. The professional crew will ensure that you arrive safely at the dock or on the mooring ball and give you a great experience along the way. With in-depth knowledge of the local area, a crew will be able to shape your trip around your specific interests. Private chef’s will dedicate their culinary skills to your palette and skippers will be glad to share their passion with you!

Experience the World

A crewed charter gives you a front-row seat to the world. Skippers and crews are available for hire in the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, the Indian Ocean, the South Pacific and more. Crews are locally based, affording them a level of knowledge unavailable to outsiders. They’ll ensure that you’ll find the memories you’re searching for, and every moment you spend in paradise will be yours to enjoy.

Explore the unique possibilities offered only by a professionally crewed private charter.