Bareboat Charters

Bareboat charters are an increasingly popular form of vacationing for travelers of all stripes. A bareboat charter offers you absolute and total control and freedom to both literally and figuratively chart your own course. You are the skipper, you are the crew, and you get to shape your perfect vacation. Found a particularly great beach or cove that you and your crew love? Great, spend an extra day in your favourite spot! Particularly great winds one day? Great, take on the challenge of an extra-long sail! When you charter your own vessel you get to make the decisions.

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Blissful Freedom

Bareboat charters afford a traveling party the ability to go as they please. For many this will allow a skipper and his or her crew to go off the beaten path, visiting some lesser known destinations that may be free of the tourism feel. There are few more special traveling experiences than finding your own little spot through your own thirst for adventure. With the freedom offered by a bareboat charter, individuals explore unhindered by expectations of what constitutes a popular tourist attraction. Letting your intuition guide you is the ultimate form of escape.

A World of Possibilities

Bareboat charters can be arranged for any number of locations around the world. Locations such as the British Virgin Islands, the islands of Greece, the coast of Croatia and Saint Martin are renowned sailing destinations. Both sailing and motor yachts are available for charter. Motor yachts can even be chartered to explore major European river systems. What better way to travel the countryside of countries such as Italy, France, Germany or Belgium than to do so by cruising historic canals. Check here for a complete list of bareboat charter destinations.

Some level of experience is necessary to charter your own vessel, but don’t be deterred! Experienced sailors won’t have a problem handling an appropriately sized vessel. Newcomers aspiring to captain their own charter may quickly acquaint themselves and gain the experience needed to take command in the future!