Anegada is the second largest and northernmost of the BVI. It is also the only major island of the chain to be made of coral, as opposed to the volcanic rock of the others. This unique composition makes Anegada incredibly flat, when many of the other islands are mountainous. The highest point on the Island is the tip of the 35-foot-tall Christmas tree lit every year at the annual Christmas tree lighting ceremony. The tree was generously donated by one of our own – an honourary member of the island community.

Anegada is home to fabulous beaches and is famous for the fresh rock lobster served by the local restaurants. The coral reef that surrounds the island makes it inaccessible without a local or experienced skipper. This hidden gem makes for a perfect getaway.

Cow Wreck Beach... spectacular!

The annual Christmas Tree Lighting on AnegadaRock Lobster